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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lotta's Fountain - Annual Commemoration of 1906 SF Earthquake Survivors

 I've been here 30 years and never been been down there. If get up in time, I am going in the morning.

Fete for '06 quake survivors a nod to past, future

They were only small children in 1906. Now they are part of our cultural heritage, men and women to be honored. The ceremony at Lotta's Fountain starts just before 5 Wednesday morning. It is something every San Franciscan should attend at least once - like running the Bay to Breakers, or walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, or attending opening night at the Opera.
UPDATE: Why not?  Carl says all San Franciscan's should attend at least once.

This is my year to go. Heading down the hill...

Two centenarian survivors made it this year. More pics later.

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Civic Center said...

Let's see, we've got Ed Lee, Greg Suhr, Joanne Hayes-White and creepy Scott Weiner in your second photo along with a few others. What a gruesome way to start one's morning. I commend you on your fortitude.

mw said...

Yeah, quite the line-up. Seeing the two survivors made up for it.

I was impressed that Ed Lee made it as he was out the night before with Gavin and Willie at the CURE benefit. Neither of the ex's were anywhere to be seen. Apparently Willie was expected, The emcee kept asking for him.