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Friday, April 29, 2011

Brent Plater kicks off the "Destroy Sharp Park" Rally

The usual misrepresentations and half-truths from Brent. I might have a video clip to post here later.

UPDATE 1-May-2011:Done:

The clips I shot at the rally are not very good quality but hopefully you can hear what Brent is saying. For anyone following this story over the last 3 years, no surprises. The same tired WEBLEEDU claims about Sharp Park that have been factually refuted by scientists, local leaders, financial analysts, and Rec & Park management. On the plus side, since there is nothing new, I reused some of the same clips I've accumulated over that time to debunk the same nonsense.

There was one new element at the rally. Plater introduced Supervisor John Avalos, who is among the multitude running for Mayor of San Francisco.

In his short speech the city supervisor wondered aloud whether advocating the destruction of Sharp Park is good or bad for his candidacy. Gee... That's a tough one.

Let's think this through... We have 400 acres of beautiful, valuable coastal parkland that was a gift to the people of San Francisco, belongs to the people of San Francisco, is a 100 year old legacy of the people of San Francisco, is enjoyed by tens of thousands of visitors every year and contributes 50,000 green fees per year to city coffers. And Supervisor Avalos thinks the right thing to do is just give it away to the Federal Government. Yeah... I'm pretty sure that is exactly the kind of vision my fellow City residents want to see in their next mayor.

Looks like I'll need to update my Mirkarimi for Mayor poster in the sidebar. Apparently he is one of the few pols in our fair city who is not running for mayor, electing to run for Sheriff instead. Fortunately John Avalos has stepped up and can be my new Sharp Park poster child. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: I'll be comparing our mayoral candidates positions on Sharp in a future post. In the meantime, John - try this on for size:

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