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Thursday, April 28, 2011

At the Save Sharp Park Rally

There is a good crowd here as Bo Links kicks it off for the next round of this never-ending battle. Why would it ever end? Our EAJA taxpayer subsidized WEBLEEDU opposition have taken the Sharp Park battle to the courts. They won't quit - why should they? As taxpayers we pay them to sue us. If the Center for Biological Diversity alums that founded the Wild Equity Institute use the same model as the CBD, they will also submit their legal billable hours suing San Francisco to close the course to the Department of Justice to be reimbursed under the Equal Access to Justice Act. The more billable hours they document, the more we the taxpayers will pay them. Really. Since we as taxpayers keep paying, they'll keep suing. Sure - the $125/hour or so they are reimbursed for suing us is well below what most private lawyers make, but OTOH it is a hell of a lot more than most environmentalists make. It's a living.

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I'll add some shots and videos of the event to give you a little flavor. There were a number of notable local politicians and celebrities, but cannot remember all the names. I'll update this posts with links to stories covering the event when/if I find them.

UPDATE: Camden Swita of Pacifica Patch put a together a nice video compilation of the event:

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