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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The secret is out

From today's Detroit Free Press:

Try a fly rod when fishing for sunfish; you'll catch more


On nearly every inland lake in Michigan, just off the shoreline you'll see the bottom covered with rings 18 inches to three feet in diameter. In lakes where the natural bottom is dark, the rings look like black circles; where the bottom is sandy, they look light...

Where I've been fishing lately in the northern lower, a lot of male sunfish have built nests and are hanging around waiting for the females to ripen their eggs and drop them in the beds, but I figure that the major spawning activity is still a week or more away. Some lakes in the Upper Peninsula don't see bluegills start spawning until well into June.
Fortunately, no one reads this rag, and the few that do don't believe anything in it.

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