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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Definitive Review
Escanaba Pail Belgium Ale Bottle #2

We submitted a bottle of our Escanaba Pail Belgium Ale home brew to the premier international authority on home brewing for an impartial review.

Currently residing in Corvallis, Washington - Joel Rea (aka Lickspigot) is the proprietor of Corvallis Brewing Supply and a recognized authority by home brewing cognoscenti worldwide.

We are honored and humbled to have our small batch reviewed by this home brew luminary.

note: This post was created by Sean (who joined and uploaded the video) but penned by Mike.

note2: Mike was channeling Sean when he penned it.


Anonymous said...

with all this talk of trading, and taking epa bottles and consuming perhaps with out permission, I went to the beginning of this brew to find out how my allotment is doing. a very fine chart by Sean. I now know #11 is safe and waiting for my arrival later this summer. My compliments to the "chefs" regarding this endeavor.
Secretary, Treasurer Shag Security council.

Harlan Wallach said...

The lake front Hop vine is looking very robust and strong. I am thinking I should attempt another home brew in August.

mw said...

Yes yes. Your bottle #11 is safe and secure. All the EPA bottles stored over the winter in an undisclosed secure temperature controlled underground storage bunker have been moved to an undisclosed shelf of an undisclosed secure refrigeration unit.

I am surprised at you. Do you really think so little of us? We are men of honor here. We have scruples. I take offense at the implication of your question.

We would never even think of unauthorized consumption of our sibling's allocation. At least not until we had finished drinking all of the Rea allocation still at camp. Pleeez.

P.S. - The appropriate term is not "chef" but "Brewmaster" in the case of Joel, and Apprentice Brewmaster in the case of Sean.

Sean Rea said...

Please, MW, I am self-taught and am apprentice to no one. For some reason the Rea clan chose not to pass down their knowledge to me.

Perhaps they thought it was too powerful and were hoping not to ruin another generation... just look at the strife caused by a few bottles.

Unknown said...

Might I chime in here and mention that while Washington is a lovely state, it is not home to a Corvallis. Montana holds that designation, however you'd have to leave town for a regional brewery. So when it comes down to it, well Corvallis, Oregon can't be beat in the sense of quality small town* culture.**

*Not to be confused with our "small" city of SF.

**Referring to access to good beer, and kinetic sculpture races.

mw said...

Thanks for the correction. Quite honestly, I have trouble keeping these Northern California counties apart - Mendocino, Humbolt, Shasta, Oregon, Washington - Whatever. They're all the same.

Harlan Wallach said...

"Please, MW, I am self-taught and am apprentice to no one. For some reason the Rea clan chose not to pass down their knowledge to me."

I'm enjoying the insider look into the Rea family dynamics. I thought Sean was a part of the clan ?