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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Parting is such sweet sorrow

The moral of this post is that if you complain enough, eventually people will get tired and do whatever it takes to quiet you. In a recent email (dated 6/2/2010) to the author, Rea brother Kirby laments:
"...sigh ... i WONDER if i will ever see a bottle of the Shag or EscanabALE, though ..." - KR
Despite his implication that he never tasted Big Shag Big Stout, his forgetfulness is a known quantity on the blog and for the sake of editorial integrity I will point out that his sampling of BSBS was an event previously documented. Readers of this blog should avoid taking anything he says too seriously. That said, in a recent chain of emails he has agreed in principle to documenting a tasting of E.P.B.A. if a bottle ever finds itself in his possession:
"I will give you a words-and-photo record of my EscanabAle [sic] tasting, as soon as I find the suitable occasion to drink it. My first day of vacation thhis [sic] year, perhaps." -KR
Therefore, it is not without some trepidation but with the best intentions that I have boxed up E.P.B.A. bottle #6 in preparation for shipment to Hood River, Oregon: If all goes well the box will be UPS'ed to Kirby by the end of the week with an expected arrival date of mid to late next week. I will keep the readership advised as to when the package has arrived.

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mw said...

Gosh - these Rea boys are very tough with each other.

Thanks for the update.