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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Camp Notes - the Captain's Chair

B-Daddy-Gilly-Gill pimped out his Big Shag ride. Some notes on the new chair.

The chair is stored in the shed. Mounting on the bench is straightforward. Slip the bracket over the bench and tighten the wingnuts. Two important notes - First - the black rubber sleeves on the bracket are an important part of mounting the chair safely - SO DON'T LOSE THEM. They easily slip off, so be careful when transporting the chair that they are not lost.

Second - To be securely and safely mounted - these wingnuts must be tight. Hand tightening is not good enough. I used a needle nose pliers to snug the seat securely. The does not mean that Roy should use all his strength until he strips the wingnut or bolt. It does mean he should use common sense and tighten the wingnuts with the pliers until the chair is solidly and securely mounted on the bench.

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