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Thursday, June 17, 2010

We should have left earlier - US OPEN parking shuttle screw-up

The line for the buses to get to the parking lot. You'd think The Open would have figured out a better system. Or at least get enough buses.


Over two hours later, it was dark, it was getting cold and we we were still in that line. There were periods of time with many thousands in line that only one bus with a capacity of about 50 people was loading. There was extended periods of time where there were NO BUSES LOADING.

No general attendance spectator had any choice but to park in the spectators lot and take the shuttle buses. Everyone you see in this picture paid $110-$175 for the privilege of walking the course and watching the US Open for a day. Paying that much for ticket, we have a right to expect to be treated better than this and find a competent operation for getting us to and from the course.

The organizers know how many tickets they sold. They know it was a sellout. They knew how many cars were in the spectator lot. They knew exactly how big a "corral" they needed to build to manage a line of this size.

So how is that no one could figure out how many friggin' buses they needed?

What a colossal cock-up. It left a bad taste after an otherwise fine day at the Open.

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1 comment:

Sean Rea said...

Sounds like they put the fine folks who run Muni in charge of the shuttle system.