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Saturday, December 19, 2009

3rd Annual Christmas Raft Up - Dec. 19th

It is good to have friends with boats. This is the Trollop.

From Jim:


Can’t tell you what to expect. Could be three boats, could be 8. I think the weather will influence more than a few.

We’ll be bringing the usual plus some champagne, and ingredients for a couple hot/warm holiday beverages. I think we’ll also be cooking up some warm appetizers!!

Bring what you like. That’s a good rule!! I don’t think we’ll be short of anything.

Will be good to see you guys!!

- Jim

From: Mike
Sent: Friday, December 18, 2009 9:07 AM
To: Jim; Rick & Mel Orourkali
Subject: Re: 3rd Annual Christmas Raft Up - Dec. 19th

I am going to power over on board Rick's Trollop. Sigrid is also probable, but she is a fair weather boater, and will be watching the weather. What should we bring? Just a wild guess - beer? Looking forward to it - mw

Jim Gregory wrote:

Looks like the weather is going to cooperate with us and give us a Sat. with no rain!!

This year we will be anchoring in Belvedere Cove, just off of Tiburon.

Morpheus will be heading out Sat. at about 11:30am. If anyone needs a ride, meet us at RYC, or call us from Sam’s and we’ll come in and pick you up!

This may be your last chance to relax and have a few cocktails with your friends prior to heading off to your traditional travel/party/family Christmas.

We’ll be cooking up appetizers and mixing both hot and cold adult beverages. Lot’s of them!!

Will have our dinghy to ferry folks back and forth to Sam’s, etc.

If you can free up your Sat. afternoon please think about joining us!

Merry Christmas!!

- Jim

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