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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Olive and Emily at lil' camp - photo by HDW

It has been cold and raining for a couple of days, so we have been staying mostly inside. The six o'clock news just reported that Gwinn had the most rain in the U.P. at 1.23 inches so far. The lake level is rising. Beginning to wonder if our relocated low-hanging dock might pick up and float away before the next visitors arrive.

I have been working on both blogs, adding some old posts and pictures here, pretending to work on a political post there. I've noticed that I get a big spike in traffic (i.e. 2 or 3 additional readers) whenever pictures of Olive are posted. Who am I to question the aesthetic preferences of my enlightened readership? For your enjoyment - a cornucopia of previously unpublished photographic impressions of our favorite model...

Photos by Jonah:

Photos by MW:

Papa sings.

While putting this together, I couldn't help but notice a striking similarity to a picture that has been sitting in a frame on a shelf here at camp for many, many years:

Olive at six months with Emily.
Emily at six months with Peggy.


Anonymous said...

Did papa's poopie-doo song work it's usual magic?

Mike it is a well known fact that picutes of babies always increase readership!


mw said...

Who are you really?

Robyn said...

great pictures of olive! I know it increases my viewing of the blog. I particularly enjoyed Emily's brave adventure to jusebabemapa with Olive. Perfect outfit for little camp in the spring!