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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Yesterday's catch.

We had more strikes, and a couple of close calls, but were unable to add to yesterday's catch. One 14" and the other 14.25", and about to become filets when this picture was taken. Then into town to visit Auntie Ann. we had a fun chat, it was really great to see her.

Then back in time to prepare a bass dinner.
NOTE:My cell phone camera wireless updates stopped working yesterday. Until I get it figured out, updates will likely be in the evening. Since I now have to update from the camera to the computer first, I might as well use the real camera and get a bit more quality in the pics.


Anonymous said...

one is a Largemouth bass, one is a smallmouth bass. An interesting feature of Shag Lake that they co-exist. Mostly they don't.

mw said...

I should've picked up on that. I noticed the different coloration and girth, but thought it may have been a male and female. Good spot. More interesting is these two were literral neighbors. Dad caught one off the dock and the other off the sandspit between us and Price.