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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Temporary Yooper solution.

I have placed the unused dock pole under the cover to act as a tent pole and hopefully keep the water from pooling. Otts should work on a better solution next visit.


Anonymous said...

my link below says all I need to say about this "Temporary Yooper solution"

mw said...

umm. There is no link.

However. Let me guess what you intended to link. I suspect it was a link to an instructional site on duck tape solutions, thereby implying that if no duck tape is involved, it is not a true yooper fix. This is a legitimate observation. In my defense, the photo documents a back up solution.

My original plan was to duck tape the entire circumferance of the cover to the boat with six layers of duck tape. Then I was going to cross hatch the duck tape across the cover to the boat providing three layers of lateral support and solidly securing the cover to the boat. Alas I could not find enough duck tape, so had to settle for this less good temporary solution.

Anonymous said...

no- there is a link.

My mistake was saying ..."below".

It is linked to my initials, so i should have said, above, the link on my initials, hdw.

sorry - may bad.