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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My siblings don't know sh*t.

No fish.


Anonymous said...

how dark was it when you quit?, were you casting toward shore?
were you fishing in the center of neuman bay as you entered the bay?
did you decide it was to dark, and then say just a few more casts? were you fishing then as if you just dont care anymore, after all it was to dark? If no- then you need to try again tonight. if yes then it wasnt meant to be.....give up an come home now... Besides it hasnt been 20 years since the last catch.
Sid wallach- abt- 1965,
jeff carlson-abt 1986
Roy carlson- abt 2005

Anonymous said...

3 WALLEYES in 42 years, well, just stay at it Mike ....