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Friday, June 1, 2007

Turf War!

It started this morning with Dad, sitting at his post, in the easy chair by the window, watching the bay. He spots a ripple in the water near the dock and says "there is something big out there". He sprints down to the dock, spinner rod in hand, and within two or three casts landed a keeper bass on a hook and a purple worm. Spotting another ripple, he moved to the sand spit (now an expansive beach) near the Price's, and soon landed another 14 incher. Later in the day, interlopers moved into the prime bass bed turf right off the dock.

Despite the exhaustion from landing two big bass earlier in the day, Papa leaps to the defense of our new extended perimeter, running back to the dock, brandishing his weapon of choice.

With a few well placed casts, the interlopers are repelled.

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