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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Who will stop the rain in the shed?

We interrupt this blog to bring breaking news from Upper Peninsula of Michigan:

Harlan repaired the shed roof.

As all camp visitors have noticed this (very) rainy year, the woodshed was leaking like a sieve.

In addition to being a travelogue and journal of favorite activities, this blog also serves as the family reference document for Shag Lake House repairs. As an example, Harlan notes in his text that he thought the last roof repair was completed in 2004. In point of fact, it was Thursday, August 29, 2005. Twelve years ago to the day:

"The shed repair is complete, and I believe made solid for at least twenty/forty more years.A new complete rolled roof, with about 5/8ths new plywood decking, plus proper drip edges." - HDW - 8/29/2005
That shed repair has held up remarkably well, but additional maintenance was now needed. Once again, Harlan stepped into the breach.

Thank you Harlan. Your efforts have now been documented in the official blog of record. 

I will also be recommending to the governing authorities that a plaque be commissioned and prominently displayed on-site commemorating your efforts. Said plaque will officially rename the structure and the outhouse it contains as "The Harlan Wallach Memorial Woodshed."

Thank you Mike for assembling this documentary roof repair post and video. I accept the renaming honorific, but since it has the word "memorial" in it, I would humbly request that any such bronze plaque not be created or affixed to the shed until after I have shed this mortal coil. 
I would also suggest, that a new roof be put on in about 10 years. That be appears to the the life span of the rolled roofing material. -HDW September 1, 2017

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

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