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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Eclipse Adventure Begins

Photo by Sigrid - July 11, 1991
In July 1991 Sigrid and I embarked on one of our first great travel adventures together with a trip to Costa Rica. We rented a car in San Jose, drove to the Monteverde cloud forest for a weeklong stay, and then on to the El Ocatel Hotel for another week on the Pacific Coast.

There we were certified as scuba divers by Mario Vargas on our final checkout dive, and dove the Costa Rica coast with bull sharks.

Then and there - on July 11, we hung out by the hotel and watched our first total eclipse of the sun on the bluff overlooking the Gulf De Papagayos.


Yesterday Harlan, Rachel and Jonah arrived from LA on their West Coast college tour and enjoyed a dinner in North Beach.

Today we continue the road trip North with intent of getting in the way of the total eclipse on August 21 in Oregon, where we hope to share the experience with a plethora of relations.

For our first eclipse in Costa Rica, we worried about clouds obscuring the celestial event. We did see clouds as the eclipse began, but they cleared out in time for totality and the picture at the top of the page.

Oregon has a reputation for clouds and fog. We're hoping for the best.

First leg - Mendocino:

First Leg
We had a bit of a late start, but finally hit the road:

Road Trip
Dinner at Trink's in Gualala

First night at the Mendocino Hotel

May the eclipse be with us. Stay tuned...

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Civic Center said...

Good luck. I hear the traffic jams on the way to Oregon are straight out of an apocalyptic SyFy Channel movie.