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Sunday, August 20, 2017

West Coast Eclipse Adventure Day 4 - A Quincidence of Cousins

We arrived as planned (more or less) in Philomath, just outside of Corvallis, situated squarely in the path of totality with a day to spare.

Our original plan was to take the day to assess the weather forecast for eclipse day and, if necessary, head east looking for clear skies. Predictions of traffic nightmares made that plan problematical, but thankfully moot, as the weather is cooperating.

Eclipse T-Minus 24 hours - brilliant sunshine.
Cousins Rob and Paula are our hosts. We spend the day relaxing and getting to know our relations. Cousins Rob & Paula, 2nd (3rd?) cousins Mindon & Athena, and me are first at the breakfast table.

Rob introduces me to Mindon and Athena, but I think we've met before. Turns out - we had - six years ago. They were somewhat smaller then.

Rob takes us on a tour of the family farm and quince orchard. His Quince Essentials Membrillo spread is now a staple in our house. Sigrid and I become very possessive when we are down to the last jar. It can get ugly.

Zillions of blackberries that fence the farm were ripe and sweet.

The big event of the day was a gathering of multiple clans for a feast.

Art & Design Students - One and All

I contributed abalone...

... Harlan prepared a faux piccata lemon sauce ...

... which was accompanied by Rob and Paula rice specialties, salads and desserts.

We are eating well in preparation for the celestial event.

In the commentary on our Facebook post, there was some discussion about what to call a grouping of cousins like this. I suggested the correct term is a "Cavalcade of Cousins" (you know, like a "pod of whales", "herd of deer, "pack of wolves", etc.). Others thought we should consider a "gaggle of geese" or an "exultation of larks".

Clearly there is a great deal of linguistic latitude in this nomenclature.  After due consideration, I decided to settle on language I've used before - a "Quincicidene of Cousins."

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Anonymous said...

Love it all! Such a wonderful and warm reminder of those special days together. I especially like "quincidence of cousins" :)