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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Zen and the Art of Dock Installation

Arrived late Monday with Dad and Roy. Rainy and cool for our arrival and into Tuesday morning. Brian arrived earlier, so it was nice to walk into a warm lake house with a roaring fire.

The first order of business on Tuesday was getting the dock in. Assembling the dock posed an interesting challenge this year. After adding two dock extensions and relocating the dock to compensate for sharply declining water levels in recent years, the water is high. Relatively speaking.

We decided to we wanted to put the dock back at it's same location as last year to ensure an adequate draft for the boat. However, that means there was 12 feet of water and mud between the shore and dock that we would need to bridge and we did not want to buy and assemble yet another dock section. Time for a little Yooper engineering.

Note to nephews: This is why the dock sections need to sitting on bricks after removal in the fall.

Under my expert supervision and tutelage, the work was soon progressing nicely.

Our innovative design included double stacked cement brick supports and nailing the bridge framework directly into the water. I am surprised no one thought of this before.

It is good for my overeducated nephews to learn useful skills.I have helped them before.

Particularly our newly minted "Juris Doctor" Roy - here effectively putting his law degree to work...

... and wondering why it is necessary for me to stand on the dock section he is straining to hold up. Management requires making tough choices sometimes.

I must admit - this was one of my better efforts. With Roy and Brian's help of course.

 We overheard a neighbor talking on his cellphone say "Yeah... they're building a dock halfway across the bay."

But we think we  might get both the pontoon and speedboat to the dock this year. So... screw 'em.

Dad couldn't wait to test the fishing at the end of the dock. Will report on dock fishing over the next couple of weeks

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