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Friday, May 30, 2014

Fishing. Not Catching.

Mike and Kris stayed the night.  Before they departed Thursday afternoon, we took the pontoon boat on an extended Northern Pike hunt.  Trolling and at anchor, using spinners, rapalas, floaters, sinkers, spoons, propeller nosed slashers - we even dropped a worm on a hook.

Rare photo of Mike K with a spin reel in his hand.
The weather was sunny and warm. The water was clear and calm.

But the fish were not biting.  The pontoon boat seems like a perfect fishing platform. Comfortable and quiet, we can anchor at all our favorite spots - Carlson point,  Summerville corner,  Jacobsen Bay, the Rutherford dock - and cast with 360 degrees of freedom. There is no reason why we should not be able to catch fish from the pontoon boat. And yet after 3 hours, Mike's 7 inch northern pike was all we had to show for our efforts.

Our efforts continued apace after the Kettu's departure.  Not sure how many pictures of us not catching fish in the pontoon boat  you want to see, but here are a few more.

Thursday - not catching fish in our bay

Friday - not catching fish in Jacobson's bay.

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