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Monday, May 28, 2012

Olive Palooza - 2012 Memorial Day Edition

Olive's 4th annual appearance at Big Shag Lake

Memorial Day marks the end of a long holiday weekend and some among us need to get back to work. Harlan and Jonah head out early, but not before we gathered for a group family photo:

Wendy, Erik and Karl also left shortly thereafter. Everyone except Karl failed to write an entry in the camp journal, and are hereby chastised.

The house was starting to feel a little empty, but it filled right back up with a visit from Olive, Emily and Matt. Of course, Olive fills the house all by herself with a near fatal dose of adorableness.

Without further ado - Ladies and gentlemen, for the fourth consecutive year I give you the ...

2012 Edition of Olive Palooza!

Dr. Olive inspects Mom's eyesight.

Olive and Katie like "The Lorax"

Jeff updates FaceBook

Olive and Kristy laugh at Uncle Mike

Jeff indoctrinates Olive into the Steve Jobs cult.
It's never too early to start.

Olive likes pizza.

The pizza was good, but the most significant event of the day - Olive's first boat ride!

Olive likes the pink boat.

"Let's Go!"

Jeff and Katie do the honors.

Olive likes to steer. In circles.

Olive wants a pink boat.

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