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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Highlight of the day - ACE!

Zach congratulates Larry Abato (sp?) - part of our eight-some starting on the sixth hole. Larry finished the day with an ace on the 187 yard par three 5th. His first ever. Unfortunately we missed the shot itself, but they caught up with us in the tunnel. Yes - Larry bought me (and the rest of the eight-some) a cold beer in the bar. It was the right thing to do.

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Civic Center said...

This is great coverage, and you've made me seriously envious that I was not there, but Work & Art intervened. Your explanation of a public heritage being gifted to the next generation is very, very good. Get it out there.

mw said...

You should have been there. We needed the help. After all the rigamarole on the signup - the single added to our group never showed up. So there was room after all.

Trust me - I've been plagiarizing myself with that meme for years. Here is the Chron LTE version. Feel free to rip it and use as you see fit.