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Friday, July 18, 2008

Morpheus off and running to Hawaii

As a Charter member of the Morpheus Early Retirement Delivery Entourage (M.E.R.D.E), I will be following Morpheus progress in the Pacific Cup race from San Francisco to Hawaii with intense interest. Pictured above is Morpheus as she led her division under the bridge yesterday and head out to sea. A tip of the hat to Leslie Richter (another M.E.R.D.E. member in good standing) for the photo.

Current status as of this morning:

This screenshot is from the FIS Tracking site where you can follow Morpheus progress live ( . To operate:
  1. Click on Boat Selector Button in the left sidebar.
  2. Check off Division E.
  3. Click Boat Selector Button again.
  4. You can zoom in and out, and navigate around the map as you see fit.
Daily standings will also be posted every morning at about 11am PDT from the results of roll call and will include corrected (handicapped) times.

Captain Jim is also posting to his blog on the progress of the race from on board Morpheus via sailmail.

Our blogs are on a collision course, as I am planning to meet Morpheus in Hawaii ten days from now to accept my commission on the delivery crew to bring her back.

Good Luck Jim and crew. See you soon.

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