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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back in Hi's Tackle Shop

So I am reading this blog entry from Morpheus competitor Recidivist on 7-24:
"Shortly after lunch we spotted a lone white bird circling our vessel. Sensing an opportunity we decided to put some lures in the water and troll for fish. Sean mentioned that in all his years of sailing he'd never caught a fish by trolling off a sailboat. But just 15 minutes later, Roscoe hauled in a 10lb Mahi Mahi that proved to be the highlight for what was already a spectacularly enjoyable day on the water. We filleted the fish on the transom and cut up a few delectable pieces of 'as-fresh-as-it-gets' sashimi, which we enjoyed with a bit of light soy sauce and wasabi on the back of the boat while passing around a few cups of red wine to go along. A few other pieces were steamed with lemon, lime, soy, and wasabi for an incredibly tasty snack. It was the first fresh food we'd had since we left San Francisco and skipper Ken exclaimed that it might've been the best mahi he had ever had. The entire crew was delighted at our good fortune."
I suddenly recall that I have been assigned the responsibility for bringing the rigs for the sail back per this email exchange between Me JG and son Chris G:

Jim wrote:

Mike and I are excited about doing some fishing on the way home from Hawaii. We need you to give us some advice regarding what we should bring. Help us out please. What kind of lures? Wire leaders? Etc, etc.
- JG

From: MW
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 9:45 AM
To: Jim
Cc: 'Chris'
Subject: Re: Fishing

Also Chris, please send me a step by step guide to catching fish from Morpheus. You don't need to spend too much time on it. 10,000 to 15,000 words should cover it in sufficent detail. Thanks. And any recommended books. I am going to make a run to Hi's tackle shop later this week. - mw

Chris Said:

I’d suggest Rappala Slivers as one of the lures, also any type of squid bubbler should suit you well. Wire leaders would be preferred, you’re supposed to use single strand wire leaders apparently but I honestly don’t think it makes much difference.
Hmm step by step might be a bit difficult to pull off with ONLY 15000 words, but I’ll try

Step one: Tie a bungie cord to the backstay.
Step two: Tie Lure to end of fishing line.
Step three: If you look you should be able to find a small U shaped piece of metal that has a pin running across the open end of the U. Attatch this to the Bungie Cord.
Step Four: Ensure that the line runs through the center of said U shaped piece of metal.
Step Five: Release the lure into the water and let the line out until you are satisfied with the distance of the lure from the boat.
Step Six: Tie fishing line to a cleat.
Step Seven: Check to see if a fish is dragging behind the boat. It should be obvious.
Step Eight: Wait an hour.
Step Nine: Repeat steps Seven through Eight until you have a fish dragging behind the boat
Step Ten: Pull the fish inAnd Voila! Fresh sushi!
Good hunting Mike - Chris
Time to head to Hi's Tackle Box.

Real time TREO 700 photo of me trying to figure out what rigs I need for the Morpheus Delivery.

Last time I was here, it turned out pretty well.

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