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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Food, Food and More Food - Shag Lake Spring 2021 Edition

As noted in the inaugural post for this trip, we are foregoing purely chronologically posts in favor of group categories. We like to eat at Big Shag Lake. Herein a compilation of gustatory delights during the Spring trip. 



Bagels and lox, pastys, farm fresh eggs with braunschweiger
Harlan's Beef Bourguignon:

... or is it Beef Stew - because potatoes?

Planted Rainbow Trout from Boney Falls Dam:


Thank You Harlan.


We're always looking for new ways to prepare Northern Pike

Broiled Pike served "Unagi" style as Musubi, Sushi Roll, and Donburi Bowl

Grilled Chicken:

Family Feast during Emling visit:

Wendy's "Cowboy Caviar"

Grilled burgers, chicken, and eggplant

Native Brook Trout from the Escanaba:

Sautéed Bass & Pike from Big Shag Lake:


"Tasty Pike" recipe served with wild rice pilaf on the side.

More (but not everything)... 

We didn't always cook. Picked up a pie from the new pizza joint in Gwinn. MW Recommended.

Picnic fare at lil' Camp - good Marquette bread, cold cuts and beer.

A special treat - venison sausage from Kowayne's hunt last fall

Back to basics - grilled steak & veggies, baked potato, corn on the cob 

After reviewing this post, I now think the mystery of the 5 pounds I gained during the 3 week trip has been solved.

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