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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

We Catch Fish - Shag Lake Spring 2021 Edition

Dad catches a pike. One of many.
 As noted in the inaugural post for this trip, we are foregoing conventional chronological posts in favor of group categories. Fishing is always the first priority at the lake. We caught some fish this trip. 

He also caught some blugs.

And a nice keeper bass.

For these trips we like to award First Fish, Biggest Fish, and Most Fish honors. The envelope please:

"First Fish" went to Harlan with this trophy. 

To be fair, First Fish Honors will usually go to the first person to cast a fly from the end of the dock. Harlan offered Dad the chance to snag this award, but he declined. 

Dad got his first fish a little later.

It was one of many blugs to follow

I took "Biggest Fish" honors with this 21" Pike

"Most Fish" caught on Shag Lake honors went to Dad with a combination of Pike, Bass, & Blugs.... 

But when we add in the trout from Escanaba and Boney Falls...

 ...Harlan wins "Most Fish"

Finally, Wendy tries her hand at Tenkara fly-fishing.

We had high hopes Wendy would finally break through on the Fishing Wall of Fame. She is the only sibling not to make the Wall because she has never actually caught a fish. Alas she was skunked again. Perhaps next year.  

Postscript: More appetizing pics of the fish highlighted in this post can be found linked HERE.

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