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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Friends and Family - Shag Lake Spring 2021 Edition


As noted in the inaugural post for this trip, we are foregoing purely chronologically posts in favor of group categories. With our departure from Shag Lake imminent, a good time to reprise the family and friends during our first post-pandemic, mostly mask-free, trip to Camp.

We started the trip with Dad, Harlan, Me and Clover.
Next up, Kristy, Zach, Easton, Sydney, Brooklyn, Wendy, Maverick and Stella.

An anniversary to celebrate / Brooklyn and Dad have a conversation

Sydney and Easton
Emily, Kowayne, Olive, Maya, Mike and Kris all visited. Somehow we managed to not get any pictures of Olive, Maya, Mike and Kris. Out of practice I guess. However Emily and Kowayne joined Harlan and me for the rare triple crown of Yooper family property visits:
... River ... 

Dad and I stop by to visit the neighbors at the end of the bay (having a garage sale)

We had several visit with (now fully certified) Yoopers Katie, Joel, and Terminator Pupito

We drove back in time to enjoy dinner at Roy and Roxie's new place.
A fitting finish to a rich family visit, partially making up for lost pandemic time. 

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