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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Back to the Lake

 After a red-eye flight, a day game at Wrigley, and a day shopping for supplies, we're packed and heading North. An early Saturday departure. Harlan, Dad, Clover and I caravan in two cars. 

Halfway there... Crossing the Leo Vigo Memorial Bridge

We made good time with a stop in Marinette....

... for a butter burger at Culvers (Harlan & Dad across the street at the picnic table) and a fill up for gas. Cannot resist weighing in with a reminder of how screwed up California politics can be. At the time this picture was taken, gas was approaching $5.00 a gallon in Ca. A combination of high gas taxes and a ridiculous regulatory policies produce the most regressive possible burden on the people who can afford it least - working class Californians with long commutes who cannot afford high priced rents and real estate near their job. 

Moving on... Katie and Joel prepared a fun greeting and special treats for us in "Upper Earth":

We arrived to 80 degrees in late afternoon. Harlan goes for a swim and...

... Dad does some fly fishing for bluegills off the dock...

... under Clover's watchful eye. 

We'll be here for a few weeks. I think I'll diverge from the usual chronological narrative to summarize the trip by the Five "Fs" - Food, Forestry, Fishing, Friends and Family. Not necessarily in that order.  

Speaking of food... 

Grams Pastie and Laughing Fish Beer

There was no interest in cooking after the drive, so we started the trip with pastys and beer picked up along the way. 

Sunset at the lake. Almost feels normal, again. I like it. 

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