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Friday, June 27, 2014

It was another good day to dive.

Yeah, I know. I've used that title before. And I will again.  Deal with it.

The season closes for the month of July, so was getting desperate to put together the combo of good conditions and finding an available dive buddy. I wasn't sure about the dive buddy, but conditions were too good to pass up. While I was deciding whether to go solo, Jeff showed up.

Conditions were great. Not perfect, just great. Some surge, but good visibility - around 8-10 feet. The Olympus was acting up, battery died almost immediately, so not many pics. Fortunately, had the GoPro working, but The Reader will have to wait for video until I get back.  I had a very cool encounter with a seal in the cove, hopefully got some good video.  Net net - limit out - no trophies, but a great day.

This Ab wanted my beer...

... not going to happen.

Limit Out
I'll pop the abs tomorrow.  Tonight - filets.


Will update with GoPro vids when I get back. Probably.

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