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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fish is back on the menu.

Rainbow over the bay -  a good fishing omen?
As noted in a previous post, we have been frustrated with our lack of fishing success this trip. As much as we enjoy the new/old pontoon boat, we have yet to have break the code on how to catch fish from that platform. Not satisfied with our one single fish fry on Memorial Day, we decided to seen if our luck might change fishing from the more familiar aluminum skiff - the Tin Can. 

Over a couple days that decision proved correct.

 Our best luck for bass and bluegill was found in the structure along the west side of Mitchell lake on Tuesday.  No keeper bass, but dad brought one to the boat on his fly line.  I just missed netting it before it threw the hook.

Northern pike were on a ferocious bite between our bay and the Aho's camp Wednesday morning. I'm now calling this route "Aho Alley".

I caught five pike in less than 40 minutes trolling a Mepps #4.

Grilled Bluegill was our Wednesday dining choice. This is a preparation of my invention and requires gutting, finning and scaling the blugs vs. fileting them. You need to leave the bone in for the fish to hold together on the grill. Even so - they requires a light touch with the tongs and careful monitoring of their progress on the fire.

 Accompanied by Papa's tomato onion salad, a garlic brown rice pilaf, and a very nice Coppola Sofia rose'...

... a satisfying finish to a good day on the lake.

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