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Monday, June 9, 2014

Family, Graduations, Beards, Hot Dogs
[Not necessarily in that order]

Sunday Brunch at Papa's
As per usual, we bookended our traditional spring opening yooper fishing trip to Shag Lake with some family tine in Chicagoland. First things first. I needed a quick fix for my Chicago Hot Dog jones:

 A new neighborhood spot was quick and good, but not quite right. No poppy seed bun. Still, it was enough to satisfy the cravings.

This year the trip was timed to pick up a couple of nephew graduations - one before and  one after. Prior to heading North, nephew Roy graduated as a Juris Doctor from John Marshall School of Law:

At least I think he was graduating with a law degree.

Upon reflection, it now occurs to me that he may have actually been initiated into the Q Continuum:

No matter. The post initiation/graduation celebration at Hofbrau was what really mattered.

Fast forward to the end of our trip - On the Monday after our return Jonah graduated from 8th grade and...

... like his sister before him, was selected by his classmates to speak at the graduation.

The Wallachs continue to cast a giant shadow at Edison Gifted School

And, of course, more good food and drink at the apres-grad celebration.

I grew a beard to show my support for and solidarity with the proud papas:

The Men of La Mancha

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