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Monday, June 1, 2009

Scenes from a forest

On a Walkabout

New growth - Maples

The trail into our forties:

Norway pine plantation

Pond behind the beaver dam

The "40" Camp - Once a logginge camp, it is still used for hunting

White Pine just outside of our property

Some of the corner markers:

Violet -As identified by The Reader in comments

Canadian Violet - As identified by Ken

Fern growth exploding

Saw many of these as-yet-unidentifed young ferns with almost black leaves

Raspberries taking over in opened areas

Yellow birch growing out of old giant stump

Big fungus

Guided Forestry Tour:

Among the maples

Poplar growth in '94 clear cut area of the southern section.

Ken riding the trails

Old logging equipment scuff damage

Finding corners.

This yet-to-be-identified bird was really unhappy about us being in the particular location we were standing and talking. She flew very close to us - landing on a branch as close as one foot of MK to yell at him -
Mad Bird 1

Mad Bird 2

Mad Bird 3

One of many very large old stumps near the beaver dam

Interesting lichen growing on the stump


Robyn said...

if you are looking for names of the flora. I can help with the purple one.


nice pictures of the 5/40s looking forward to the comments.

mw said...

Added pictures and captions.

Robyn said...

looking forward to the pictures and commments from the 93/94 recently sent.

-never had any interest in visiting the site. the posts and poetry make me wonder why . thanks for creating this site a different sort of branch of our "family tree".

Robyn said...

is the logging cabin/hunting cabin on our 5/40s? where?