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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Joel and Liz stop by...

...while visiting The City this weekend. I join them on a pilgrimage to the Monk's Kettle in the Mission.

There we we are joined by Sean and Katy, sample...

Pliny the Elder
Triple Karmeliet
Green Lakes
Jasmine IPA

... and begin planning the Fall Shag Lake trip. I think Sean wants to retrieve his bottle of The Audacity of Hop.


Sean Rea said...

You're right about the Audacity of Hop. First, I don't know if I think the UP is worthy of it. Second, I am not sure who the wise guy was that labeled it, but I suspect the bottle's contents are not in fact an IPA, but a much less hoppy (and certainly lacking audacity) amber ale.

Plans -may- need to be made to personally reacquire the bottle.

mw said...

Well... All I can say is that I last saw it on the top back shelf of the refrigerator - as documented here. May the force be with you.