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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Soup and Visitors

Robyn and Jeff will be arriving this evening. It'll  be cold and nothing beats a warm bowl of soup for the weary traveler. Inspired by an inherited recipe cousin Bunny shared with the family a few years ago, Dad and I thought we'd give Bubbe's Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup a try.

 Full disclosure, I had a few issues with the original recipe (ketchup?), so decided to meld it with some other Old Country Ukrainian Cabbage Soup recipes found on the interwebs.

We are supposed boil the flanken until the meat falls from the bone. I think we are there. The recipe calls for cabbage to be "thinly sliced", potatoes to be "diced", onions to be "sliced", and carrots to be "grated". At times like these it is good have an old army guy around with vast experience at K.P. duty.

Strip the meat from the bone, saute the veggies, mix the broth, meat, cabbage, and veggies. Simmer for a few hours, season to taste.

Nothing more to do but wait for dinner companions, who finally arrive.  Good thing, as we've got a lot of soup.

Final Verdict: "It's as good as my mother's soup." - Papa Sid

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