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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Surf and Turf alla Shag Lake

Our Shag Lake holidays are a good excuse for family get togethers - it generally takes the form of randomly assembled relations staying at or living near the Lake House.  It's always fun, but preparing a coordinated dinner for a group of any size out of the tiny kitchen is a challenge and requires a team effort.

This year, we were a bit more ambitious than usual with a unique Surf and Turf main course - west coast abalone...

... and Yooper venison (Thank you Dale!).

A team effort helped pull it all together into a memorable meal.

Brown rice pilaf and a garlic butter parsley sauce.
Roy and Roxie grilled veggies on skewers.
Papa's green salad

Harlan and I prepare the main course.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, we can work as an effective team.
Roy's birthday "Yooper Cake" was the only item not prepared at camp.  We got it at Larry's Market...

The mystery of the missing bite was never solved. 

The meal was received with universal admiration, although Olive said she liked the abalone better than the venison. 
After dinner we relaxed on the deck, then went for a boat ride.

Photography by Olive - Stylization by Google
Olive served as Model, Captain and Principal Photographer...

Selfie by Olive
Photography by Olive
Photography by Olive

Captain Olive

 A fine time was had by all.


Rick said...

Adorable! You know who I'm talking about.

mw said...

Thanks, but I thought Olive was also kind of cute.