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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Birthday Excess

Look, I don't begrudge Roy his birthday celebration, but enough is enough. It started last night with a slab of ribs at his ( and all of the family millennials) favorite Yooper restaurant - the UP North Lodge. Fine. At least we got to watch the Cubs win during dinner.

But then, this morning, the gifts started. Apparently, for the drive up,  girlfriend Roxie filled the entire trunk and back seat with gift wrapped boxes for Roy.

As I recall, it took over six hours for Roy to open all gifts. Sweaters, spices, watches, I think there might have been a new car in there. I don't know, I lost track. That said, the coup de grâce was something special. Roxie's original oil painting of Camp The Lake House in the fall. It's beautiful. Far too good for Roy. It really should stay at the lake.

At least it was finally over. And hopefully there will be some good to come from this. I think we can hold Roxie up as an example to all the women-folk in the family about how to properly spoil their men on their birthday. Are you listening ladies?

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