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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Another Walk in the Woods

It's been a couple years since our last sojourn on the family "five forties" timberland. We're approaching time for another selective cut and thought we should take a look and do a little exploring. It's also grouse season, so - an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone - so to speak.  Of course, based on our past hunting experience, we are speaking figuratively, not literally.

Beautiful day, fall color is peaking, and the dog could not be more excited.

 Lets call it a 5 mile hike to photo document the land.  Trying to capture the majesty of a forest in a photograph is always a challenge. Panoramas are probably the closest we can get.  Some pics from the day:

This is not a Volvo ad. But it could be. 
Beaver dam and pond
Beaver art
A large stand of maple

Actual conversation on the hike:
"Did you hear that? That was a grouse." 
"No. That was me farting." 

As per usual, no grouse were harmed in the production of this photo shoot.

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