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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Last day of the trout season

I didn't make it out to our Escanaba River property during the spring trip and today is the last day of the trout season.  In the past I've had some good luck on the last day, so decided to make the run.

Fall color and Two Heart Ale

Fall color is just underway. Despite recent rains the road was most dry, a little overgrown at the end but no problems getting in.  One of my favorite quotes about the U.P. is from Hemingway in the Green Hills of Africa...

'The best sky was in Italy or Spain and in Northern Michigan in the fall'

On a day like this, you know exactly what he was seeing.

Not much in the way of fish this outing, but it was a spectacular day on the river.

Oh yeah, my one fish...

a small brookie...

Not enough of a meal for both of us, so the fish was offered as a tribute to the King.

Simple prep... light flour breading and sauteed in olive oil with garlic and onion.

It looked pretty good. I should have caught more.


tim mckeegan said...

too bad you didn't hook more fish, that brookie is beautiful. next time give Harlan the camera.

mw said...

He didn't make it this day. I had to do my own photography and fishing.