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Thursday, August 6, 2015

That Was Annoying

Apparently, while we were diving for abalone over the weekend, my domain expired. Which means this blog stopped working, since the original Blogger was redirected through that domain.

So all those good feelings after spending a few days a few days outdoors, communing with nature, and hunting the Great White Snail evaporated into a full blown TPA (Tech Panic Attack) immediately upon arriving home. 

Fortunately the GoDaddy grace period allowed me to renew the domain before it was snatched away by any of the legions of "Mike Wallachs" out there desperate to snatch this domain. Unfortunately, the Domain Name Server link between GoDaddy and Google was severed, and required several more hours/days to figure out what was wrong and how to put it right

So, I think it is fixed now. The Blog is back.

But the most annoying aspect of this minor catastrophe, is simply this...

... I don't think anyone noticed it was down.

[Sigh] I'll be back-posting for a while until I get caught up.


Civic Center said...

Please stop trying to crash my old Mac computer with its ancient Safari browser with your f---ing animated GIFs or whatever the heck they are.

Rick said...

Granted, I didn't know the blog was down until ten days after the fact, but today Adam and I enjoyed watching your avatar beating himself to death on the keyboard. Haha, good fun! I'm going to check on the golf now.