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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Parting Shots

Got a late start, but made the trip to Chicago in 5 hours 54 minutes door-to-door elapsed time. One stop for gas and a pass through a drive through for coffee.

As we left it...

Some Closing Notes for Fall / Winter Visitors:

Wood and kindling loaded and ready. Some wood is a little green.
The ash tray has holes in it. DO NOT CARRY HOT ASH IN THIS TRAY. Dump the ash in the metal bucket and carry them out in the bucket. 
Two sections of dock removed and stacked on other sections.
I am including this picture for the winter visitors. When the dock is covered with snow, remember what lies underneath. You probably don't want to walk on this.
Emergency supplies in the wine cellar
Emergency free drink chits for the Hideaway.
Until next time.

EDITORS NOTE: I am back filling a bunch of posts, as I got behind wile working on another project.

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