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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bix Birthday Bash

 It's been a week for great meals and big "zero" celebrations. Sigrid and I celebrated our 20th anniversary on Tuesday, and tonight we celebrate Lee's big birthday with Joanne, JJ, and Rod. It would be indiscreet of me to say which birthday he is celebrating. But it does end in zero. And he is older than me. So... do the math.

Dinner was at Bix, another of our favorites. We've got a lot of history here. We've patronized the restaurant since it opened in 1988 when Joanne and I worked in the Oracle San Francisco office.

 Here Lee is inspecting his wine glass in front of the iconic Mark Stock painting:

 Scenes from the dinner table:

steak tartare
lobster spaghetti
"Faux" Gras
duck breast
The appetizer is "faux gras" instead of foie gras since foie gras is now illegal in California. This due to one of the most phenomenally batshit stupid pieces of legislation ever passed in the history of mankind. It's the same duck liver, same dead ducks, but it takes more of them to make the "faux gras" since it is a pate' and not individual livers. I guess the veganoids like it that way. I hope they are happy. The blood of all those additional dead ducks are on their hands. In any case - it was pretty damn tasty, and a pretty good substitute.  But I digress....

It was all good.
Happy birthday Lee

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