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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

20th Anniversary Celebration

Flowers - check. Balloons - check. Chocolate - check.
 We moved to San Francisco together in January of 1983, so I've always thought we really should start the clock on that date. But... the official date of our wedding was September 25, 1992 so I guess we only get credit for 20 years.  Still, a milestone of significance to celebrate in style.   They say your favorite restaurant is one where they know you. Dinner at Allegro Romano, one of our favorite SF restaurants, right in the neighborhood, where Lorenzo always takes good care of us.

Martini - check.              Wine - check.
We start with vodka martinis - shaken and stirred (far preferable to the Bond formulation). Then a short stroll to dinner at Allegro Romano which, as is my wont, we seriously over-document here...

Rissotto w/ truffles
spinach and asparagus
NY steak
fish - sea bass
A tiramisu masterpiece
It was as good as it looks
Twenty (or thirty) years and counting. We are beginning to think this might work out.


Harlan said...

Yay ! Congrats on 20 !

Civic Center said...

You ate all that? I'm impressed.

Congrats on the anniversary, especially after living in sin for so long.