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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Halftime Snack - Fried Bambi Steaks a la Yooper

Bear food.
 This post goes out to Nanci. We've learned she actually makes her kids cook her meals based on family Shag Lake posts from this blog and facebook.  Nanci, you might want to try this one. First you need to send Alex, Sydnie, and Carlie out to kill and dress a deer.  They can probably find one in the nearby forest preserve. You could also try setting up a bait pile in the back yard within crossbow range of the kitchen window. 

Alternatively, you can order two cords of firewood from the Barnett's in the U.P.  Apparently offering frozen venison steaks, venison sausage, cucumbers and tomatoes fresh from the garden is the Yooper equivalent of Frequent Customer Loyalty Points.

I sliced the steak London broil style
Marinated in red wine, garlic and herbs.

 The wild rice takes a while, so it should be well underway before sauteing onions in olive oil

I try to avoid caramelizing the onions, so add wine when they start to become transparent. I was a little late with this batch. I was checking in on  the Bears game. 

Pan fry the marinated steaks in the onion infused oil
Not too long. It's very lean meat and overcooking will turn it into leather.
Not bad for a first effort.

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