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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Of birds and bird feeders....


During the spring trip we brought a window sill bird feeder to camp and installed it in the den window.  There it sat, filled with bird seed, all spring, all summer, and into the first fall color in the trees as autumn approached. Not one friggin' bird was seen in the bird feeder during that entire time. Until today - on our last day at camp, as we were cleaning and preparing to close for the season, just minutes from removing the feeder as a failed experiment to never be repeated, then the birds found it. And once they found it, it was continually occupied for the few hours until it had to be pulled.  Jays, sparrows, and finches made an appearance.

Better late than never I guess. We'll try to make it easier to find when we install it again in the spring.

In other bird news, the Great Blue Heron was regular early morning visitor.

We also saw the bald eagle swooping across the bay, and a pair of ruffled grouse hanging out in the brush on the north side, but did not get a good shot photo.

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