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Thursday, December 1, 2011

David Axelrod Speaks

At the Marin Civic Center to see David Axelrod speak at the MPFS Lecture Series.

This was my first opportunity to see a speaker in this series at this venue. By the time Axelrod took the stage every seat was filled. I'm impressed. It is a great series and venue. I'll be back.

As for Axelrod himself, I'll probably have more to say later, but will make a few general comments now.

He speaks from notes and has a low key, matter-of-fact, conversational speaking style that lulls you in. He is a more effective communicator in a venue like this than in a "talking head" close-up on TV. On TV I find his style to be transparently manipulative, invoking a classic huckster. Here, looking up from a comfortable auditorium seat, you tend to want to uncritically accept everything he says. It is easy to fail to notice that outside of a few anecdotes, the content is standard Democratic partisan talking points. But let's be fair - he is after all running Obama's reelection campaign - what else would one expect?

This being Marin, California - the choir was very receptive and appreciative.

One other note - Despite my preconceived expectations, I can confirm from my front row vantage point that David Axelrod does not, in fact, have horns.

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