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Monday, December 26, 2011

19th Hole

BP 88
MW 103
OM 103

Restaurant was closed for the holidays, but the bar was still serving cold ones. My HTC was out of juice as usual. The bartender salvaged the 19th hole wrap-up shot with this pic from his iPhone.

The Other Mike (who -unlike your loyal blogger - is a real photographer) also posted some pics from the round on his blog. Some great ones capturing the interesting light as the park transitioned from coastal mist to sunshine... well some action shots of questionable photo-journalistic integrity. He see fit to characterize my "up and down round" but neglects to mention he finished with the same score as my round. Just sayin...

1 comment:

Civic Center said...

The role of a journalist should not be about "me," but about the story itself.

We shot the same score, but in completely different ways. I play like an old woman, and if I could putt half as well as some of the fine old women golfers I've met, my score would be quite a bit closer to Bob's than to yours. You, on the other hand, make heroically great shots, "thirty yards past mine in the middle of the fairway," according to Bob, "and then the next shot, well..." Your game looks like much more fun to play but also much more painful.

You' are right, you are a perfect Spanish Civil War martyr.