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Saturday, August 13, 2011

We Eat Abalone

Abalone Ceviche'

Weekend at Sea Ranch + three days of diving + great conditions = lots of good eating. An incomplete sampling of abalone prep and dining pics from over the weekend:

Picking an ab the chowder

That's a good one.

Cleaning and prepping abs is a non-trivial task

Sometimes they pop out of the shell easily ...

... sometimes not.

Cleaning, trimming...

...slicing, tenderizing, breading, and...

...grilling is not as much fun as eating.
(not being clever with this video - forgot the 3D option was on)

Prepped for the chowder

and into Harlan's special recipe.

Doug and Peggy help us enjoy the abalone chowder and BLAATs.

Not shown - abalone sashimi, abalone in red sauce with pasta, and BLAATs (Bacon,Lettuce, Abalone, Avacado, and Tomato sandwiches). All part of the weekend repast. Yum.

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