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Sunday, January 9, 2011

19th Hole

MW - 88
BP - 97

This was the Mephisto Waltz round. Bob and I switched golfing souls out there. My first time breaking 90 and best round ever...

The Card

My new year golfing resolution was to beat Bob on gross score in 2011. I now have nothing left to play for this year. Bob says that this performance shows that Roy and Rick are responsible for dragging me down on the course. Hard to argue with that logic.

BTW - Pictured above is an off-menu item prepared for me specifically by the proprietor at the Lincoln Park Grill - the "Lincoln Park" is a cheeseburger with avocado slices. To celebrate the round, I bought lunch and a beer for everyone in the Grill. I am generous to a fault.

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Rick said...

Holy shit.

Sean Rea said...

Next time you are feeling generous give me a call. It is a rare event I'm sure and it would be an honor to witness firsthand.

Morpheus said...

My guess is that after a few minutes of listening to you describe your round in painful hole by hole detail, many if not most of the folks in the restaurant headed home???

Congrats on the sub-90 score. That's pretty impressive.