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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Call for submissions:
Michigan Mitten Movies

Since we have a surfeit of fine movie making talent at camp (see classics like the wildly popular "Brian's Special Friend",the documentary "Expedition to the Pole", the award winning "Marvelous Adventures of D.U.M.B.", the experimental cinéma vérité ' "Doggiegate", the musical "Anthem", or even the time and space bending hallucinogenic meta movie within a movie featured at the top of this post), I would hope that Shag Lake will be represented in the Grand Rapids Michigan Film Festival contest...
Michigan Movie Clips:
"Aspiring auteurs will be reaching for their Michigan road maps and consulting the local chamber of commerce as they prepare entries for a film making competition being held in conjunction with this year's Michigan Film Festival in Grand Rapids.

All submitted short films (10 minutes or less) must contain a reference to a location in Michigan's Lower Peninsula and the location must be mentioned by a character who points to it while using his or her hand as a representational map of the state. In addition, each film must include some kind of reference to the Upper Peninsula and must incorporate a Michigan-owned business into a scene or line of dialogue."

Fire up those camcorders.

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