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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Apres Dive - Limit Out

Enjoying a brew and admiring our catch at the top of the bluff. It was a good haul. As usual, I cannot resist taking the first legal ab I find - so I started with a 7 7/8" dwarf. The other two (pulled on one "double header" breath) were right at 9". Normally, I'd consider that a a very respectable days work, but it paled in comparison to Doug's haul - all three in the 9 1/2" to 9 7/8" range.

Tagging the catch on the beach

The haul

And two that got away...

Well.. not really. After I got my limit, I did a few dives to take pictures. I'm pretty sure both of these bad boys were bigger than the ones I took home. They're still there in the cove, waiting for the next trip.

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