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Monday, September 28, 2009

All problems solved.

No injuries. No more birch Damocles Sword hanging over the parked cars. No more safety issues. All roads cleared.  The major problems solved, and only a mess remains.

  Which we expect it will continue to remain until spring.

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Robyn said...

good job guys! I wouldnt be surprised if all that wood is gone by the time brian leaves for home. BOOOOON Fiiiiire !
-by the way guys could someone bring home the house paint that is in the shed, hate to leave it to freeeze this winter.not sure that it will be any good to use next year if we leave it there. Sorry we should have brought it home with us over labor day weekend. lets store the paint at papas house
you can leave the scrapers, and brushes in the shed.


mw said...

To Be Determined. By the end of the day, the boys seemed less enthusiastic about hauling the logs down to the lakefront. A lot of the wood was pretty green (more than half of the tree was alive).